DMCC Approved Auditors 2023

DMCC Approved Auditors 2023: In order to keep an approved Auditor in compliance with these Rules, the Approved Auditor must maintain all qualifications, certifications, licenses, and approvals, consents, and permits required of any Audit Partner, Lead Auditor and other employees of the Audit Firm; and ensuring that all information submitted by the Audit Firm to DMCCA is accurate and true in every way.

Role of DMCC Approved Auditors 2023

The role of a Lead Auditor is to be responsible for the day-to-day obligations of the Approved Auditor under these Rules. Preparing, or overseeing the preparation of, any Audit Report in compliance with these Rules; and the validity and accuracy of an Audit Report, if the Audit Partner does not hold a Public Accounting Qualification.

A Lead Auditor can be appointed by the Audit Partner to represent the Approved Auditor in any day-to-day dealings with DMCCA, provided a written delegation of authority is signed by the Audit Partner and a copy is provided to DMCCA. Notwithstanding any such delegation of authority to represent the Audit Partner, the Audit Partner shall remain responsible for any act or omission of the Lead Auditor
DMCC Approved Auditors 2023

DMCC Approved Auditors 2023 – Listing Details

Updated approved auditors list for DMCC 2023: Click hereS.l. number : 154, Account Number : 148497Name: Saif Chartered Accountants, 1106, The Prism, Business Bay Dubai
Email : [email protected], [email protected]Phone : 04 4518600, Mob: +971 503244029Chat on WhatsApp :+971 50 627 3556

Why Saif Chartered Accountants as DMCC Auditor?

DMCC approved auditors 2023
Saif Chartered Accountants is a professional accounting and auditing firm based in Dubai. We've got a full-fledged team with professional qualifications and experience in accounting, auditing, VAT and business consulting. Established in 1994, with offices in Dubai, Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah and associate office in RAK Free Trade Zone and branches in London and Cardiff. Saif Chartered Accountants cater to a wide spectrum of clientele from diversified industries located in UAE.

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